“The circle of feminine power”

Take place in 6 legendary female training for 6 days instead of 6 months and get Мedallion of feminine power

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Larisa Renar and star’s coaches from the «Аcademy of private life»
On the island of Cyprus
17-25 September 2017
Create your new self just in 6 days
A Circle of feminine power - is a circle of exceptional women, filled with energy and possessing the qualities of four states: sexuality and attractiveness of “Lover”, easiness and credulity of “Girl”, conviction and pragmatism of “Mistress”, splendor and dignity of “Queen”.

Such women afford to their men physical and spiritual unity, wisdom and harmony in couple. And get in return a limitless love and faithfulness, the feeling of the feminine power.
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What worries many of our members?
They do not know themselves and their desires. They want to understand what is important to them, to understand their own values, accept and love yourself. Find your own path that leads to happiness.
Do not know how to get rid of old ties as men cease to feed the former energy. They want to attract new fans to choose the best of them.
Feel "squeezed out" and tired. Miss the feeling of a drive life. Ready to be filled with sexual energy and feel desirable and attractive.
Tired of responsibilities and obligations. Dreams of becoming an easy, swim in the care and attention, and the burden of responsibility and decision-making to convey serious men.
We have ceased to believe in yourself. They want to become a successful and confident, open new abilities and talents. Learn how to achieve their goals easily and feminine.
Experiencing problems in the relationship with her husband. They want to learn how to negotiate, defending their interests and taking into account their needs. They want to create a harmonious family.
Take the first step to a new yourself! What is unique about this training?

Larisa Renar

You will get the precious knowledge from LARISA RENAR. Meeting with her will change your life at once and forever.


These are the powerful processes that will fill you with feminine power and let you enter a new level.


Medaillon is from limited edition. Nobody will have one like this, except the participants of this course.


The exit abroad character of this training transforms the learning process in a exciting travelling.
Who animates the program “THE CIRCLE OF FEMININE POWER”?

PhD in psychology, biologist, psychologist, MBA, coach, TV presenter. The author of 8 books, with total edition over 1 billion copies. The founder and the creative director of the international center of women’s development The Academy of Private Life, coach in women’s trainings.

Success and happiness in the contemporary world do not depend on power, money and good relations but on passion, talent and persistency. And this is the qualities that women are gifted by nature. As soon as we acknowledge our unlimited potential and rejoin it, as soon as we accept our difference from men and dare to become ourselves, as soon as we allow ourselves to love, to enjoy, to create, to evolve we become the power capable to change the world.

Psychologist, specialist in corporal therapy, specialist in transpersonal therapy, specialist in family systems therapy, coach in women’s trainings.

Femininity is laid by nature in each of us and we need just feel and disclose it. For a woman her femininity means unlimited potential. Revealing it we open our resources and capabilities for self-actualization. I help students of the Academy to fulfill their most bold dreams of private and professional life through development of femininity, to reconcile family happiness with social success.

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, gestalt therapist, dependency treatment specialist, specialist in constellations therapy, coach in women’s trainings.

The more beauty, love, truth, value you discover in yourself, the more you will find it in the outside world. A woman of spirit cures and works to improve herself. She discloses and restrains her fears, wounds, limitations that prevent her from going forward. Each of us is unique and no one’s glamour can blind the beauty of another one. I develop these principles in myself and share generously with others.

Psychology teacher, business coach,  coach, specialist in women’s practices, actress, coach in women’s trainings.

Leaning and practicing tantra I understood the main thing: happiness means being sincere to yourself and to others,  perceiving  yourself and your wishes. During trainings I help women hear themselves, learn themselves, feel themselves, know themselves, enjoy themselves.  Surely, the most desirable woman is the one that enjoys the life.

Body-oriented psychotherapist, coach-consultant, specialist in family arrangements, master of theta-healing, coach of women’s programs.

We, women, have a huge potential for self-fulfillment. It is like be born with a magic stick in your hand without having an instruction how to use it. I give women an opportunity to find the instruction to use their innate resources, I accompany them to the most secret and interesting – to themselves.

Psychology teacher, business coach,  specialist in  generative coaching, coach in women’s trainings.

All the trainings I lead are about love! Love for yourself, for your life, love and acceptance of your femininity. And of course, about love for man. The trainings say how to fall in love, to make fall in love, to grant love to a man, to allow a man to love you. During my trainings women come to understand what love is, where to find and how to keep it, how to carry it along the road of their lives. I believe my mission is to preserve the trust in Love in people’s hearts despite anything!

*Академия оставляет за собой право выбора Преподавателя для проведения Тренинга. В случае невозможности явки анонсированного Преподавателя, Академия по собственному усмотрению осуществляет замену такого Преподавателя.

The agenda is created so that not only practiced, but also reposed. Every day you will have time to learn, to exchange with other participants and to relax.
Day 1
Arrival, accommodation, acquaintance
The introductory part of the training
Day 2
Day 1 "Nature of femininity" + master class "How to turn the funnel?"
A true woman is shedding her internal beauty unobtainable by make-up or any accessories. Her eyes have a peculiar brilliance, her image magnetizes, enshrouds with tenderness and gentleness. When a woman rejoins her feminine energy and repels destructive male strategies she gains an opportunity to live natural and self-balanced. This woman recognizes her identity and is capable to build happy relations.
Day 3
Day 2 "Light the passion." Status Mistress + master class "The art of flirting 2.0"
Passion blazes in her eye, burns by touching, appears in her ardent whisper… Impossible to resist such a woman. The Mistress is not a format of relations with a man, it is an internal state of flirtation and love play. A true Mistress is not raffish, she is languishing and mysterious and reveals her art behind the door of the bedroom.
Day 4
Day 3 "The Power of confidence." Hostess + Status evening master class "7 generations of happiness"
Do not confuse a housewife spending her life in front of a kitchen stove with the Housewife. The Housewife is an internal state. It shows as self-confidence, tranquility, pragmatism, ability to push the matter through and achieve the result. This woman lavishes luxury and fertility upon herself and her family, she is architect of her own life. With such a woman a man starts a close and happy family.
Day 5
Day 4 "The beauty of love." Status Girl + master class "The men hurry to the rescue!"
Emotioned and naive she enjoys all aspects of life and shares her joy with the entire world. The Girl status does not imply age it is an internal state. Women of all ages can show the Girl’s qualities: be tender, exiting, light and open-hearted. Not infantile and helpless but weak in a feminine way. It is exactly the woman that men pamper and do their best to work miracles for her.
Day 6
Day 5 "Wings of Freedom". Condition Queen + master class "King's dialogue. The art of parry"
Airy, self-confident and self-contained. She does not depend of someone else’s opinions and prejudices. A true Queen does not resort to tricks popular among nasty women. Men are in haste to lay the whole world to her feet because she is aware of her value and uniqueness and send it around. She always gets what she deserves and never agrees for less.
Day 7
Part 6 "Circle of female power." Integration and presentation of medallions
A woman inosculated the power and characters of the four elements reaches integrity and harmony. She pays attention to every life domain, stops wasting energy and as a result restores equilibrium and acquires her feminine power. This woman finds balance between sexuality and attractiveness of the Mistress, easiness and credulity of the Girl, self-confidence and pragmatism of the Housewife, grandeur and dignity of the Queen.
Day 8
VIP group with Larisa Renard (for those who have purchased a package Platinum) and outlet gala dinner (for all participants of the training)
All trainers
Day 9
Farewell, departure home
All trainers
Where will the training take place?
The training will be held in luxurious five-star hotel «Coral Beach 5*».
Cyprus, Pafos



  • The main course 6 days
  • Medaillon
  • The folder with all educational materials of the training



  • The main course 6 days
  • Medaillon
  • The folder with all educational materials of the training
  • 2 evening master-classes from the coaches of Academy according to your choice
  • VIP-group with Larisa Renar (7th day in Cyprus)

The price for the tourist Packaging is non included in the cost of the training and is paid separately.

Flight: The cost of a tourist package for one person:
Double room: from 800 euros
Single room: from 1.280 euros
This price includes: Accommodation in Hotel Coral Beach 5*, meals on the system "all inclusive" (9 days, 8 nights)

Travel insurance Details specify when booking from our manager.

LLC Travel 4 Sport is the official partner of the Larisa Renar Life Academy organizing the field part of off-site trainings.
Contact person: Elena Sokolenko, tel. +7 (916) 070-18-77, +7 (495) 663-93-76, e-mail: bron3@travel4sport.ru

ATTENTION! In case you purchase a package tour (hotel accommodation) in an agency different from our official partner LLC Travel 4 Sports the cost of the educational package (Standard/Gold/Platinum) will be increased by 15,000 rub.

How was it in 2015?

On 18-26 September 2015 the off-site training The Circle of Feminine Power took place in Turkey.

Some facts:

  • 142 participants (and together with the trainers and the Agency staff they numbered 150!) from 15 countries and 29 cities from all over the world
  • 6 days of training and one VIP-day with Larisa Renar
  • 5 trainers from the Academy of Private Life and Larisa Renar
  • All the participants received lockets from a limited series
We target 200 participants in 2017. Are You with US?
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