Women’s training by Larisa Renar's book

“The circle of feminine power”

Complete 6 legendary trainings in 6 days instead of 6 months and obtain the Medallion of Feminine Power

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October 7-14, 2019
Turkey, Cornelia de Luxe Resort 5*

You are leaving your usual environment and focusing completely on yourself, without being distracted by the family, everyday problems and routine.

A part of the exercises will take place outdoors, and the final stage of obtaining the Medallion – at a special place of power.

You will strengthen yourself with the energy of 150 women from all over the world! This is the most large-scale training. More participants – more energy – better results.
The reasons you should go to training?

Female energy

The effect of training lasts the whole year: participants set up own business, attract successful men, increase incomes.


A unique opportunity to complete all trainings of the legendary concept “Circle of Feminine Power” in one place and obtain the limited-edition Medallion of Feminine Power.


The training program is designed so that you can have rest and enjoy the sea, the sun and beautiful views of Turkey.


You will join the circle of like-minded women from different countries. New friends, women’s get-togethers, useful business contacts are waiting for you.

A change of scenery

To look at your life with a fresh eye, you need to change the picture you see. Travel and women’s training are the best way to reboot your life.

A week for you

This week is dedicated only to your. Your beloved, children, parents, boss, subordinates, colleagues will stay in your everyday life. And you will see yourself in a new light.

The person you will become after Training “Circle of Feminine Power”
You will level up the qualities of the four woman’s basic states


Sexy and attractive. A magnet for men, money and opportunities.


Confident and practical. She is able to keep her man, finances, to defend her personal space.


Sweet-tempered, joyful and loving. They take care of her, give her gifts and shower with compliments.


Free and magnificent. Dignity and uniqueness are her strengths. They respect, admire her.
The hostess of away program “Circle of Feminine Power”

Psychologist, educator, generative coach, member of IAGC, certified coach of the Academy Hosts the Femininity Day

Psychologist, art therapist, body-oriented therapist, certified coach of the Academy Hosts the Girl Day

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, existential therapist, expert in handling addictions and codependence, supervisor, certified coach of the Academy Hosts the Queen Day

Psychologist, arranger, tantra expert, certified coach of the Academy Hosts the Lover Day

Psychologist, theta healer, certified coach of the Academy Hosts the Mistress Day

* The Academy reserves the right to choose a Teacher for Training. If the announced Teacher cannot attend, the Academy shall, at their own discretion, replace such a Teacher.

Short training program
The schedule is created in such a way that you not only do exercises, but also rest. Every day you will have time for learning, communication with other participants and relaxation.
October 2019
Day 1
Part 1 Arrival, accommodation, getting to know each other.
The introductory part of the training
Day 2
Part 2 “The Nature of Femininity” + an exclusive master class
A true woman radiates a special inner beauty that can not be achieved using beauty products and accessories. Her eyes shine in a special way, her image attracts, enveloping with tenderness and softness. When a woman merges with her female energy and refuse male strategies that destroy her, she gets an opportunity to be natural and balanced. Such a woman becomes herself, and is able to build healthy relationships.
Day 3
Part 3 “The Shine of Passion”. The state of Lover + an exclusive master class
Passion is in her eyes, her touches, in hot whispering... Such a woman is impossible to resist. The Lover is not a form of relations with a man, it is an inner state of flirting and love game. A true Lover is not common, but languishing and mysterious. She shows her skills in the bedroom. She enjoys every minute she has lived and fills the man with the energy of pleasure.
Day 4
Part 4 “The Power of Confidence”. The state of Mistress + an exclusive master-class
Do not confuse a housewife, who always slaves over a hot stove, with the Mistress. The Mistress is an inner state. It manifests itself in confidence, peace, practicality, in the ability to go things through and get results she wants. Such a woman creates a space of luxury and abundance for herself and her family, and is the mistress of her own life. It is a woman in the Mistress state a man can creates a close-knit and happy family with.
Day 5
Part 5 “The Beauty of Love”. The state of Girl + an exclusive master class
Emotional and spontaneous, she enjoys her life in all of its aspects and shares this joy with the whole world. The Girl is not an age, but an inner state. And every woman can show the Girl qualities at any age: be gentle and bashful, sweet-tempered and open, with being not infantile and helpless, but womanly weak. These are women that men want to spoil and do everything so that their beloved does not stop believing in miracles.
Day 6
Part 6 “The Wings of Freedom”. The state of Queen + an exclusive master-class
Graceful, confident and self-reliant. She is free from other people’s opinions and prejudice. The real Queen does not need small tricks and jiggery-pokery, which are used by she-devils. Men are ready to lay the whole world to her feet because she is aware of her own value and uniqueness and transmits it to others. She always gets what she deserves and does not agree to less.
Day 7
Part 7 “The Circle of Feminine Power”. Integration of states. Presentation of Medallions. Graduation gala dinner and a show
A woman who integrates the strength and qualities of the four elements becomes whole and balanced. She pays attention to every domain of life and stops losing her energy, recovering balance and gaining her Feminine Power. This woman combines all the qualities: the sexuality and appeal of the Mistress, the sweet mind and credulity of the Girl, the confidence and practicality of the Mistress, the majesty and dignity of the Queen.
Day 8
Departure from the hotel
All trainers
We’ve selected one of the best hotels in Turkey according to the reviews of tourists - Cornelia de Luxe Resort 5*. Its rating on booking.com is 8,4 of 10, on tophotels.ru - 4,7 of 5, on tripadvisor.ru - 4,5 of 5


990 $

  • Basic Training
  • Limited-Edition Medallion
  • The Student’s Kit (a branded bag and a folder with educational materials)

The cost of the tour package is not included in the cost of training and shall be paid separately. The tourist part of training is provided by the official partner of the Academy “UNVERSAL GROUP”. Contact: Elena Avshar. Phone: +90 553 067 00 91. E-mail: poi@unversalgroup.com

Additional expenses
Tour package (without airfare)::
  • • DBL (per 1 person) — 1110 у.е. *
  • • SGL (for 1 person) — 1565 у.е. *

The tour package includes: hotel accommodation for 8 days/7 nights, all inclusive meals, airport-hotel-airport transfer, a trip to the venue of presentation of medallions and gala dinner with a show.

The airfare is not included in the tour package. You can buy a ticket yourself or contact the tour operator manager for help.

Tour Partner

The tourist part of training is provided by the official partner of the Academy «UNVERSAL GROUP». Contact: Elena Avshar. Phone: +90 553 067 00 91. E-mail: poi@unversalgroup.com


If you pay for hotel accommodation not via the official partner of the Academy «UNVERSAL GROUP», the cost of training package shall be increased by 500 USD. The conference package includes a gala dinner with a show, a trip for presentation of medallions, transfer.

* 1 USD = 1 dollar at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation + 2% on the day of payment

The Academy of Private Life is the guarantor of an flawless organization of training. Seven years of organization of away trainings, 795 participants – no negative feedback. For the trip you need a foreign passport, no visa required. Our representative will meet you at Antalya Airport and take you to the hotel. Our assistants speak English. They will be with you at the hotel throughout the training. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the training.

How was it?

Away training “Circle of Feminine Power” will be held for the fifth time.

  • 2018 – 90 women from 12 countries: Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia.
  • 2017 – 111 women from 15 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China, USA, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Estonia.
  • 2015 – 142 participants from 17 countries and 29 cities.
  • 2013 – 118 participants from 12 countries and 22 cities

In 2019 we are planning to welcome 150 participants! Will you join us?
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